• Affordable Server Maintenance Packages.
    The highest level of service contracts, at 50% of the cost!
  • Tailored Server Maintenance Agreements.
    We work with you to tailor agreements to your requirements.
  • Highly Qualified Field Engineers.
    Our Field Engineers are highly skilled & fully qualified.

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Benefits of our Server Maintenance and Hardware Maintenance Contracts

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24/7 Help Desk

An effective call management and communication system to log and track all service requests to ensure that they are distributed to the engineers responsible.

Remote Analysis

Specialist Remote Technical Support to initially analyse your situation and root cause, then create the most effective action plan for speedy resolution - the first time.

Top Field Engineers

A highly skilled, UK wide force of Server Maintenance Field Engineers are able to deploy quickly to complete the repair and ensure a return to full operational status.

Fast Parts Supply

A comprehensive parts stocking, supply and delivery chain is in place to meet the service levels that you choose. We can supply any spare part within 24 hours.

Server Maintenance Methods

We offer a range of service delivery methods, as well as response and fix options that allow you to build a service map that fits your configuration - and your budget.

The service is flexible and allows you to choose the right level of support for your most critical hardware components and a lower level where perhaps a slightly longer outage is not as critical and allows you to align your hardware budget to the service levels required.

All of these selections apply to upgrades to base warranty as well as to post-warranty maintenance, so can increase the support supplied to products you consider critical during their warranty period also.

ServicePacs for Warranty and Maintenance Upgrades are also available.

Our Service

We provide the same level of service contracts that are provided by the original supplier but at 50% of the cost. For highest availability, a range of committed service options are available with guaranteed response or fix time contracts and SLA's.

Delivering the best hardware support to your business is a combination of several key components.

Server Maintenance Benefits

By appointing Server Maintenance UK to care for your systems, your business benefits in many ways, whilst relieving the strain on your team.

Skilled Engineers

Highly qualified teams of support engineers.


Multi-vendor Support, includes HP, Dell, Sun, IBM.

24/7 Help Desk

24/7 Service Desk, available 365 days a year.

Rapid Response

Rapid Response Team for critical support options.

Server Recovery

"Return to service" - up to latest back up.

Fully Qualified

Latest and most current qualifications.

Tailored SLAs

Single SLA or Multiple agreements to suit.

Remote Analysis

Problems found & Plans created remotely.

Up to 2 hr Fixes

Choose from 2 hour and 4 hour repair times.

Great Value

The best level support at 50% of the cost.

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Dell Server Maintenance

Dell Server Maintenance, System Support and Hardware Repairs.

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HP Server Maintenance

HP Server Maintenance, System Support and Hardware Repairs.

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IBM Server Maintenance

IBM Server Maintenance, System Support and Hardware Repairs.

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Sun Server Maintenance

Sun Server Maintenance, System Support and Hardware Repairs.

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Providing a High Quality Server Maintenance service is of paramount importance to ensure your Line of Business applications are always available.

Our engineering services can include Installation and configuration if required as well as Maintenance and Repair services.

Long Term Support

We provide 24 x 7 server maintenance with 4 Hour & 2 Hour Fixes options for Dell, IBM, HP and Sun Servers and hardware solutions.

When hardware maintenance is no longer provided or supported by the original manufacturer, we can offer hardware maintenance including Parts and Labour or just for parts only. Most hardware manufacturers stop support after 3 Years has elapsed from the purchase date.

We supply replacements parts within 24 hours where required and we maintain a supply of spares for all the contracts that we support.

Support For Dell Servers Request A Quote

We provide Hardware Maintenance and Support for Dell PowerEdge Servers and Dell PowerVault Storage.

  • Dell PowerEdge Server models supported include: R730, R720, R620, R520, R420, R930, R920, R910, R810, R710, R610, R510.
  • Dell PowerVault storage models supported include: MD3600, MD3200, MD3200i, MD3000, MD1200, MD1220, MD1224, PV110T, PV114T, PV124T.
  • Dell Equallogic storage models supported include PS4000, PS5000, PS6000.

Support For HP Servers Request A Quote

We provide Hardware Maintenance and Support for HP Proliant Servers and HP Storage Works and MSA.

  • HP Proliant Server Models supported include:
    DL380G9, DL380G8, DL380G7, DL360G9, DL360G8, DL360G7, ML350G6. ML350G8, ML350G9, DL580G6, DL580G7, DL580G8, ML370G6, ML370G7, ML370G8
  • HP StorageWorks Models supported include:
    HP MSA20, MSA40, MSA60 and MSA80.

Support For IBM Servers Request A Quote

We provide Server Maintenance and Support for IBM Pseries, Xseries Servers and Storage.

  • IBM X-series server models include X3400, X3200, X3500, X3550, X3650, X3850
  • IBM Storage system models include EXP3524, DS3524, StoreWise V7000, DS4000, EXP710, EXP3000, EXP400

Support For Sun Servers Request A Quote

We provide Server Maintenance and Support for Sun Enterprise Servers including:

  • T3-1, T4-1, T4-2, T5-2, M3000, M4000, M5000, M6000, M7000, M8000, T5220, T5220, T5220, T5120
  • Sun Sparc T1000, T2000, E6900, E6900, E6900, 4900 (USIV+), 4800 (USIV), E2900, V1280, V890, V490, V880, V480, 280R, V445, V440, V245, V240, V210, V120, Netra T105, V20z, V40z, X2100 (RoHS), X2200 M2, X4100, X4200, X4600, V250
  • Sun Blade 2500, 1500, 150, 100, 2000 and 1000

Our partners

We work with and are authorised to repair and maintain some of the biggest names in the industry.

We provide support and server maintenance on HP Servers and other HP Hardware.
We provide support and server maintenance on Servers running Windows Software.
We provide support and server maintenance on DELL Servers and other DELL Hardware.
We provide support and server maintenance on SUN Servers and other SUN Hardware.
We provide support and server maintenance on Servers running VMware.
We provide support and server maintenance on IBM Servers and other IBM Hardware.